Peer-developed solutions. We utilize peer-developed solutions through deep discussion, hard questioning and monthly accountability to the group.

Leadership problem-solving. We encourage members to adopt this same culture of open communication and problem solving within their own companies to bring about the same conversations in their leadership.

Faster, more efficient company growth. And the collective wisdom and expertise shared among our members makes them smarter leaders who grow their companies faster and more efficiently by making better-informed decisions.


Time:  SEL is a 5 hour commitment on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 8am to 1:15pm, with a separate

1 hour Executive One on One (OoO), arranged around your schedule.

(OoO's with the group leader are vital to the discovery and resolution of member challenges.)

Presence:  We ask for members' complete presence during the monthly meetings. SEL is an opportunity

for C-suite executives to work on their business, not in their business a half-day each month. Cell use is limited.

To the Group:  We require an annual membership with a monthly, 2nd Thursday attendance commitment to the group, so members can openly and confidentially share their business challenges and expertise in an environment free of judgment, while being held accountable to the peer recommendations they have agreed to undertake.

Gary Smythe, CEO, Strategies, LLC  June 2019 
The single best thing that I ever did as a company leader was my membership in a group just like SEL. 
Working with other Sr Execs, and a great leader, helped me get to solutions quickly.  Being held accountable to and by the group required that I take actions that I never would have considered. And
this wasn’t just once a month.  We developed a camaraderie and called each other between meetings. The process is a proven success.  It works. It helps. It absolutely makes the company stronger.  

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