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Seattle Enlightened Leaders: Meet Chip McDermott

Community Builder

Chief Executive


Transformational Peer-Leader

Certified Executive & Life Coach


A seasoned chief executive officer and successful founder, Chip has 30 years of leadership experience (including a lengthy stint as one of the key early leaders of the E! television network). Throughout his life, Chip has been driven by a deep belief in the value of fostering community. He has created sustainability programs, nonprofit children’s emotional health services, educational talk series, and more.


A Southern California kid with deep roots in Seattle, Chip now focuses all his time and energy on strengthening community.

A transformative life experience led Chip to recognize the deep need that senior executives have for meaningful peer support,

and the prevalent lack of such a resource. While there are several respected national, corporate peer advisory organizations, SEL is the only Seattle peer advisory group that integrates a personalized development path with team collaboration.

We believe this makes a tremendous difference in outcomes.


Have a question for Chip? Contact us.

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