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The right answer begins with the right questions.

We bring Seattle senior executives—owners, founders, and C-level leaders from diverse backgrounds—together once a month for a half-day

of collaborative personal and professional development.


These empirically proven sessions are intensive, stimulating, and productive. You will come away a stronger leader and stronger person. 

Through a unique process designed by SEL founder and group leader Chip McDermott, members are guided to think differently, enabling them to make better decisions, feel less isolated as leaders, and enjoy a special camaraderie with each other all month long. 


How it works: Our integrated approach begins with one-on-one development monthly with Mr. McDermott, a formally trained executive peer leader and certified coach (learn more about Chip). This individual session is structured to help you experience new ways of thinking in the group session. We find that this method helps peer advisors get to the true core of their challenge—and, as a result, expand their world of options.


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